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This Wiki will show all of the fantasy boys and girls that are in this wiki and that are from movies or episodes that the owner have seen. Everyone of the characters that I know are the characters that some people don't even know about and I know everything about the characters that have been in every episode, movie, or from anywhere else because of everything that happens about the people from reality or from fantasy. I know the characters that I remember, and I can use them for my stories

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This topic will bring you to view about all of the characters that are coming to view from the stories that I am working on. These stories will have everyone want to see the characters from the stories, the scenes from the stories, the songs from the stories, the crossovers from characters to characters in the stories, and other kinds of ideas for the story and so much more to anything that pops in your mind that I might have an answer for or not an answer for something you may have to message me about.

  1. If you want to see Tammy Calhoun, then click her name
  2. If you want to see Fix-It Felix, Jr., then click his name
  3. If you want to see Vanellope Von Schweetz, then click her name
  4. If you want to see Wreck-It Ralph, then click his name
  5. If you want to see Princess Ariel, then click her name
  6. If you want to see Prince Eric, then click his name
  7. If you want to see Princess Belle, then click her name
  8. If you want to see Prince Adam/Beast, then click his name
  9. If you want to see Princess Sofia the First, then click her name
  10. If you want to see Prince James, then click his name
  11. If you want to see Tinkerbell, then click her name
  12. If you want to see Terence, then click his name
  13. If you want to see Andrea Garcia, then click her name
  14. If you want to see Andrew Garcia, then click his name

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Character Modes
Tammy Calhoun Soldier in Fantasia Fixer in Fantasy High
Princess Ariel Mermaid in Fantasia Swimmer in Fantasy High
Princess Belle Bookworm in Fantasia Librarian Assistant in Fantasy High
Vanellope Von Schweetz Driver in Fantasia Driver Assistant in Fantasy High
Sofia the First Princess in Fantasia Singer in Fantasy High
Tinker Bell Fairy in Fantasia Inventor in Fantasy High

A Sylvan Enchantment by NovellineArt

Take a look at these girls and their fairies that almost match them in anyways that are different

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